Thursday, July 2, 2009

Twirl Twirl Smile Blush

Thursday, 07/02/09
Another interesting day working at BLA, I usually get there expecting not much except hours, seeing two of my pals Em and Steph and occasionally seeing "him". And by "him" I mean Mark, but we call him Dylan because he looks like a Dylan.  This might sound a little bit weird and stalker-ish but I have been eyeing Dylan for a long time, and I know he's seen me too because I've seen him stare at me. He's there for summer school, I'm the geeky girl in the library. I don't really like the fact that he's in summer school, because I'm into the guys that are smart, but I shouldn't jump to conclusions too quickly...
His class goes to the library everyday around 1:30 and that's when I go stock books in the FIC RIC- FIC ZRE because he usually sits near that area. I have been looking forward to that time, all day!

In the morning I have to occupy myself with something to do, and at least pretend like I'm working. Em and I hid in the computer room with Steph and we decided to just spin round and round like we would when we were young. We will spin in circles as fast as we can and just forget everything, then drop to the ground and lay there looking up and feel like the world is tilting. It is really fun to do when you're a child, when you are a 15 year old, it's not that easy. I did it about three times and by the third time I felt nauseous. I didn't want to do anything until lunch time, I wanted to just lay there on the ground the rest of the day, but I couldn't because at lunch I really wanted to finally talk to Dylan. 
Yesterday I did try to talk to Dylan, Em told me to at least try, and I did, I walked up to him, but he didn't notice me, so I felt scared and started laughing like an idiot...It had to have been one of the most embarrassing things that I've done in front of a guy that I like! I couldn't let that happen to me again.
So, I went to lunch and I didn't see Dylan there, but I thought I'll just see him at the library later. But In the lunch line was this guy named Kiko! I also had a crush on him earlier this year, but it's the type of crush were you don't even want to tell anyone because you know it could get out of hand more than it needs to be. I never had the bravery to start talking to him in person because he is too attractive for me, and alot of pretty girls do like him. So I just started talking to him on Myspace, so he would know who I am.
In the lunch line today I was standing right next to Kiko, I was nervous because he was too cute, and he remembered who I was, so he smiles at me very big [in the cutest way] and says Hi, and we have a small conversation then he leaves.... but That made me smile bigger than I have ever smiled before :) When I saw Kiko my nausea just went away! [haha only a dork would say something like that] 
After lunch we went back to the computer room where Em and I drew a lot of doodles on the White board and that room was being used for "VIVA!" the program for smartical kids! So Em and I left on the board "Christian did this!" because he would come back and see it because he's in the program.... Yeah, he found out it was us, but he didn't get mad..... I have more to say about him, but I'll say it in a later post.
Dylan is there! And he's there early, Em tells me that I should just go and "tap him on the shoulder", I didn't know what to do, but I knew I had to get his attention again! So I just walk up to him from behind (because he was sitting) and I walk by, tap his shoulder and drag my fingers across his shoulder then tug on his collar.... I really didn't think that was flirtatious until Em and Alex suggested that it was! On the upside I got his attention :D
Em and I decide to ask Anthony if he knew Dylan's name. I really needed to get to Dylan fast because he was talking to another girl, and from what I can read, his body language said he liked her, and of course she liked him to....I had to act fast! We went to Anthony for help and he  turned out to be a really nice guy, I was even surprised with it. He should be considered a friend, Em and I have agreed that he is the loveliest Asian boy we know :) 
Anywho, Dylan's name is Mark, and I walk up to Dylan pretending like I don't know his name, and call him Dylan and explain to him that I think he looks like a "Dylan". Here's the part where I get mad, our conversation gets cut short because his friends start bugging him, so I walk away, hoping he'll follow me, but since I didn't I don't think he likes me anymore. 
I feel like I look like a fool as I walk off but I had to walk all the way around the shelves so he wouldn't see me and my humiliation again, lucky for me, I found Alex, and she saved me from embarrassment, atleast I didn't look like a complete fool, because I had a friend there. I tell Alex what went on between us, while I are sitting in the lobby, then he walks up to me and says "I'm sorry about what happened back there, I didn't catch your name".
Outside I have a "don't worry about it" look, but inside I was excited that he could be slightly interested in me! I continue to talk to him with Alex, and he has the cutest smile, and I can tell he's sensitive by how he was talking to us, which is great because now I know he can't be a "player". 
So this is why today was a good day for me...All of this makes me seem like a horrible person, but I'm not a floozy. There is only one guy at the moment that I really really like, and he wasn't mentioned here.   Guess who he is? ;)

Love, Camden <3

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