Thursday, July 2, 2009

Megan Fox vs. Director Michael Bay

So I went on yahoo and found this article about Transformers director Michael Bay and Transformers star Megan Fox. She says that the movie didn't really have a focus in acting. I'm guessing she means it's more on the robots (which by the way...were so awesome! Funny movie also!) However, Michael Bay totally disagrees and says that he opens a lot of careers for other people such as Nicolas Cage, now Shia LaBeouf and Megan Fox. He says that she should appreciate what she has right now because it opened a great career for her, which she did say that there were new doors opened for her. What do you think? I totally think as long as I'm in a famous movie like! That would be awesome already! Especially being the co-star. I! Speaking of Transformers, what'd you think of the movie? I thought it was great, and I actually watched it late at night. The action kept me awake throughout, and it was totally worth waiting in line! I hope they make a third movie. I hope Micaela's and Sam's relationship goes further, and hopefully Optimus Prime will have an autobot army. Also, maybe the government might finally side with the robots. I thought every character was great, and seriously, I would love to see a great sequel. This really topped it off from the last one! Great job Transformers cast and everybody working during the movie! You all did an amazing job!

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