Friday, July 3, 2009

Inserting Contacts! :/

So I'm talking to my friend Pixie, she likes to perform, so she needs to use contacts. I think I need contacts too, I'm tired of wearing glasses, not for performing, just to go out, and look pretty. I don't want to look like a nerd anymore, even though it's always easy to use glasses. Back in December I tried using contacts but I couldn't put them back in, it took me such a long time trying to get them out. I thought it would be different the next day so I tried it again, and I had such a hard time, I gave up.

This time will be different! I can't give up, if Pixie didn't give up, then I shouldn't. I'm not trying to wear contacts just so I can look pretty, I want to feel happy with the way I look. The idea of wearing contacts doesn't come from another person, I just need it so I can feel confident with the way I look. There are other things to think about, but as a teenage girl, we think of ourselves differently. But no I have a problem, I need to think of a way to ask my parents to let me get contacts again, I can just simply ask again, but I don't want them to think I'll give up again. I promise to myself that I won't give up with it again, it's a very simple concept but it will mean alot to me.

I even too the time to google it! "How to put in contacts for the first time". here it is!

Put an eyedrop in each eye directly before placing the lens in. This will help lubricate and seal the contact to the front of the eye. I find that looking SLIGHTLY upwards helps me, but it may vary for you. Do not move your eyes until you have blinked a few times, and the contact should pretty well seat itself.
If you are still experiencing difficulty, take your contacts into any glasses store, or your eye doctor and they will show you. Bring your own solution.
First, practice touching the white of your eye, avoiding your fingernails. You need to do this, or you will immediately blink when you try to put the contact in your eye for the first time. I usually look towards my other eye and then touch the eye towards the outside. You really need to get comfortable doing this before you will be able to put a contact in.
When I'm ready to try putting it in my eye, I also look towards my other eye and put it in towards the outside. Don't put it in over your iris. I usually put a drop or two of saline in the contact before I put it in my eye. After a couple of blinks, it will find it's way over your iris.

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